Empowering Smart Living

Experience Seamless Automation Solutions for Comfort and Efficiency

At Sapan Corp., we are dedicated to providing innovative turn-key solutions in building and home automation. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating intelligent systems to add value to properties. With cutting-edge technologies and a dedicated team of experts, we deliver exceptional automation experiences that enhance comfort, security, and energy efficiency while reducing costs. Choose Sapan Corp. as your partner for smarter and more sustainable solutions.

Our Commitment

We prioritize your satisfaction with transparent communication and high-quality components, we ensure your involvement and guarantee optimal functionality for the better peace of mind.



Our Solutions

Our automation solutions encompass smart home automation, building energy management, security, lighting and climate control, audio-visual integration, and remote monitoring. Integrated for enhanced comfort, security, and efficiency, they deliver cost savings.

Our Services

Our process begins with consultations to understand your needs, followed by a site assessment. We then provide a detailed proposal and 3D design. Installation brings the project to life, with after-sales check-ups and warranty-covered replacements included.