Comprehensive Service Overview

1. Consultation

2. Site Assessment

3. Proposal and Quotation

4. Design and Modeling

5. Expert Installation

6. Proactive Maintenance

How we work

Consultation Stage

At the consultation stage, we engage in face-to-face discussions to understand your needs, concerns, and objectives. Through tailored questions, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and provide personalized recommendations.

Site Assessment

During the site assessment, we conduct a thorough analysis to determine the compatibility of the installation location for both solar cell and automation systems. Factors such as solar irradiance, shading, and orientation are meticulously analyzed to ensure optimal placement and system design.

Proposal & Quotation

Based on the site assessment and your specific requirements, we provide a detailed proposal and quotation outlining the solar system and automation design, equipment, installation process, and cost. Our proposal is subject to change based on evolving project requirements, ensuring transparency and flexibility.

Design Phase

Using on-site surveys and customer input, we create a 3D model and design that aligns with the property layout and desired functionalities. The design phase results in a schematic drawing and a bill of quantity, ensuring customer expectations are met.

Installation Phase

The installation phase brings the project to life as we install and integrate the chosen products according to the agreed-upon design. We provide comprehensive training to customers, ensuring they are proficient in operating the system and satisfied with the final product.

Maintenance Support

Our after-sales service includes occasional remote check-ups to ensure system functionality. Any modifications to the system, such as lighting schedules, may incur service charges beyond a certain tier. Warranty-covered product replacements are performed at no additional cost, aiming to maintain efficient operations for our customers.